New diesel engines and improved gasoline engines

In addition to the TAMD75, Volvo Penta is also launching products that include improved gasoline engines for the 2003 model year as well as new 5 and 7-liter low-revolution diesel engines.
Volvo Penta’s range of gasoline engines will again comprise 3.0- to 8.1-liter cylinder volumes with output ratings in the range of 135-420 hp. All engines are supplied as complete packages, with a choice of SX single-propeller drives or with Duoprops (with the exception of the 3.0-liter engine). The entire gasoline range has undergone a series of improvements prior to the 2003 model year.

All gasoline engines have been equipped with new fittings, making it possible to connect a regular garden hose to run the engine’s cooler system on fresh water. With the new attachment, it is easy to run the engine when the boat is mounted on a trailer and it is also possible to flush the engine when the boat is in the water.

The cooling water pump has a new and more robust design, with increased capacity when the engine is idling. The Duoprop drive has been given a new cooling water intake with a higher capacity.

Onboard electrical supply requirements are increasing constantly. All Volvo Penta gasoline engines have been assigned a new 75 A alternator. When idling, the new alternator provides as much as 50 percent better charging compared with earlier models.

The electrical system has also been equipped with a ten-pin connection cable, providing simpler installation and enhanced reliability. (3.0 GS has a conventional connection).

All service points on the engine have been colour-coded, making it easier for boat-owners to conduct daily inspections.

In the spring this year, Volvo Penta launched new 5 and 7-liter diesel engines for marine commercial use. In conjunction with the 2003 model year, Volvo Penta will also launch these robust engines for leisure boats. These low-revolution engines are particularly suited for various types of deplacement boats and are available in 4 and 6-cylinder versions in the range of 110 hp to 265 hp.

The D12 marine diesel engine that was introduced two years ago has been a fantastic success for Volvo Penta in the marine leisure segment. This engine dominates the market in its power range and sales have exceeded all expectations. For the 2003 model year, Volvo Penta has implemented further improvements to the engine in several areas. As a result, the most powerful version of the D12 has been uprated and the engine’s designation has been changed to D12-715.

July 1, 2002

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