Businessman of the Year in Spain selects Volvo Penta

Spaniard D. Manuel Nores has truly dedicated his life to fishing. After starting as a cabin-boy at 13, during the past 50 years he has built up his own fishing company, which now comprises a fleet of 14 ships. In recognition of this achievement, the Spanish commercial organization ACIMA named him “Businessman of the Year.” During his entire career, he has relied on Volvo Penta engines and the same local dealer and workshop for service
Manuel Nores has achieved his successes as a shipowner totally on his own efforts. He began working at an early age and has dedicated his life to his business.

“I went to sea as a child, went aboard ship when I was 13, became a skipper at 18 and a shipowner at 19. I cannot be idle. I will die fully in the midst of running this company. I have never borrowed any money, but built the company on earnings,” relates D. Manuel Nores.

His first investment was the trawler Iris, which sailed under the Spanish flag, which all of his ships have done. Through hard work and saving his earnings, he slowly but surely traded up to bigger and better vessels.

Nores has also been in the forefront of technical developments and has utilized the tools that have been available. Through the early use of radar and navigation equipment to ensure that he was fishing in the right area, unnecessary boardings were avoided.

The current fleet comprises 14 ships that fish practically around the world, in fishing waters near Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Angola, the Falkland Islands, under NAFO licenses (North Atlantic Fishing Organization) and other areas. In deference to his age, the shipowner himself has gone ashore for good, but he stands at the dock with his radio at hand as quickly as one of his ships is departing or arriving. Volvo Penta engines have always powered Nores’ ships. In addition to auxiliary engines for generating electricity, Volvo Penta engines now also power his vessels since the range was expanded.

“For the past 45 years, all repairs and maintenance of the engines is done by José Alonzo Comesano in Patouro. No else has ever touched my engines. I would also like to add that in my opinion, there is no other engine that is as good as Volvo Penta.”

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