Volvo Penta provides power for Volvo

The Volvo Truck factory in Bangalore, India, is powered by four Volvo Penta gensets. After three years of operation, it can be noted that both operating reliability and cost efficiency have exceeded expectations.
Manufacturing units located in areas with an unreliable supply of power from the local grid often prefer to rely on their own source of electricity production. The Volvo Truck factory in Bangalore is a typical example. For the past three years, four 16-liter Penta TAD1631G generators have been responsible for meeting the electricity needs of the entire facility. ´

The generator plants are connected in parallel, which enables output to be adjusted more easily and the correct number of engines is automatically selected to meet changing electricity demands within the facility. Under normal conditions, 2-3 engines are needed approximately 10 hours each day. Installations with parallel-connected generator plants provide much better operating economy compared with a traditional installation, in which all of the generators are in constant use. This latter configuration often results in costly operations.

Technical data:

Engine: Volvo Penta TAD1631GE
Output: 435kW at 1,500 rpm (Hz)
Generator. Stamford-HC 444 E1
Supplier: Supernova Engineers Ltd, India.
May 8, 2002

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