News from QL: Water pressure pumps, deckwash pumps and complete range of bronze propellers

Volvo Penta’s QL (Quality Line) accessories range is now being extended with completely new deckwash pumps for efficient cleaning onboard, new and more efficient water pressure pumps, and a full range of shaft-mounted bronze propellers.
Deckwash pumps
Swabbing the decks is an ancient and honest sailor’s task. However, with the new QL deckwash pumps, the job is made much easier. All you have to do is attach a hose with a wash nozzle, start the pump and hose down the decks, the anchor, the rubber dinghy or whatever else you want to clean. The deckwash pump uses water straight from the waterway and provides a full five bars of pressure - sufficient to clean while not damaging teak and other sensitive materials.

Two deckwash-pump models are available, the WD800 and the WD1200, with the larger model available in 12 or 24-volt versions. They are delivered as complete kits with wash nozzles, hose connectors, filters, pressure switches and check valves.

Water pressure
Increasingly, boats are equipped with water pressure for kitchens, toilets, showers and other facilities. The new range of water pressure pumps from QL offers a five-chamber design providing an even flow and stable water pressure at outlets. The CE-certified, spark-proof design even allows them to mounted in the engine room. The pumps provide a 9, 13 or 19-liter per minute capacity, with the larger models being most suitable on boats with several outlets.

For those wanting to further improve their pressurized water systems, QL is introducing a new accumulator tank. With this installed in the water system, the pump need not stop and start as frequently, providing a longer service life. The resulting water flow is also more even.

QL bronze propellers
Also entirely new to the QL range are shaft-mounted bronze propellers. This is a complete range of right-rotating two, three, and four-blade propellers. The propellers are also produced with different diameters and pitch and, for the three and four-blade propellers, with different blade areas - all to help boat owners find the propeller providing the best performance. For twin-propeller boats, Left-rotating, four-blade propellers are also available in selected sizes. All QL bronze propellers are made from a corrosion-resistant alloy and are sand cast with a superior finish.

QL Neutra-Salt
Minimizes risk of corrosion
The risk of corrosion increases when engines are used in saltwater. This is mainly true of engines cooled using seawater, since the corrosive saltwater then circulates inside the engine. QL now introduces the Neutra-Salt system - a simple and efficient way of counteracting the effects of salt water.

Neutra-Salt engine-flushing system
With Neutra-Salt installed, the pilot can flush the engine clean with the boat still in the water. The system is activated from the instrument panel. A neutralizing liquid mixes with the cooling water and circulates around the engine. The liquid removes salt deposits and leaves a protective coating on all parts exposed to saltwater, including the engine block and the cooling-water pump. The special liquid contains non-toxic ingredients, which degrade naturally in the water.

Neutra-Salt consists of a container for the liquid, a hose, a connection to the eninge’s cooling system and a control switch for the instrument panel. The system can be used 10-15 times before refilling with liquid. Neutra-Salt can be installed on gasoline and diesel engines with engine-powered saltwater pumps.

QL (Quality Line) is a range of leisure-boat accessories from Volvo Penta.

November 21, 2002

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