Volvo Penta delivers auxiliary engine and emergency genset to the ‘Ship of the Year’ in Norway

The Norwegian magazine Skipsrevyen recently named the research vessel M/S G.O. Sars the “Ship of the Year.” The new ship, which was named after a famous Norwegian zoologist, is highly advanced, including such features as extreme silent operation, fully comparable in class to military submarines. The auxiliary engine and emergency genset onboard are from Volvo Penta.
“Naturally, it is very positive to be chosen as supplier to such a prestigious project,” says Jan-Arne Kristoffersen, at Volvo Penta in Norway. “The propulsion engines are outside the range we cover. We are delivering a D25MS for auxiliary power generation and a TAMD103 to power the ship’s emergency genset.”

M/S G.O. Sars will conduct research in the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea. The ship runs extremely silent, which provides the possibility to study fish and other marine life without disturbing them. Propulsion is diesel electric, with two silent-running diesel-electric motors driving a 5-blade propeller. The electric motors are powered by three low-rpm diesel engines that, similar to the auxiliary engine, are equipped with extra soundproofing.

Technical data, M/S G.O. Sars:
Length:  77.50 m
Beam:  16.40 m
Draft:  6.20 m
Gross weight: 3,800 tons
Shipyard:  Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk
Customer: The Norwegian Institute of Marine Research and the University of Bergen

For further information, contact Ann-Charlotte Emegård, AB Volvo Penta, phone: +46 31 668418,