Volvo Penta moves into new segmentwith Volvo Cars´ success diesel engine

When Volvo Cars introduced its first internally developed diesel engine in 2001, it attracted substantial attention due to its good performance features. Volvo Penta is now producing a marine diesel version of the same engine and, accordingly, enters a completely new boat segment.
Volvo Cars’ 5-cylinder diesel engine D5 is a product on the absolute leading edge of technology. In all respects – performance, fuel consumption, weight, noise level or emissions – the engine has been praised by industry experts as well as customers.

Against this background, it was natural for Volvo Penta to initiate a project to produce a marine version of the new diesel engine. Tests and trial runs have proceeded very favourably, which means that Volvo Penta will be able to launch the engine as a driveline installation already this year.

Volvo Penta’s designation of the engine is D3. It will be used in centre-consul boats, smaller day cruisers and in walk-around boats in the size class of about 20 to 24 feet in a single installation and 25 to 28 feet in a twin installation.

D3 will also be an alternative to outboard engines. D3’s weight advantages and compact outer dimensions provide the possibility to boat builders to relatively simply design their boats to handle installation of the new engine and consequently replace outboard engines.

These segments in the leisure boat industry are currently growing strongly and Volvo Penta expects to capture a significant portion of this market.

“It is difficult to think of an engine that is better suited to this segment than the D3. It is really fantastic. Even our most experience test drivers are surprised by the acceleration, the speed and the low noise level”, says Conny Frick, Volvo Penta’s marine leisure product planning manager.

The D3 is an aluminium engine, equipped with common-rail direct injection and with a very high torque. It will be introduced in various versions in the output range of 130 to 160 hp.

It is planned that the engine will be on the market at the end of this year.

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