Volvo Penta in Silverton’s new 48-foot top model

The 48 Convertible is the latest top model from the American boat builder Silverton Marine. The new model is a flying-bridge boat slightly longer than 15 meters for exclusive cruising with high onboard comfort. As standard, Silverton selected twin Volvo Penta D12 engines, each with 715 hp.
“With all electronic features, which is of great value for us, the D12 engines from Volvo Penta are a perfect alternative for the 48 Convertible,” says Mike Usina, Vice President of Silverton. “As the boat builder we get efficient installation while at the same time the boat-owners gain more control over their engines.”

Thanks to Volvo Penta’s advanced diesel technology, electronic engine control, unit injectors and other features, the package delivers exceptionally high performance. The twin D12s propel the nearly 21-ton boat to a top speed of slightly more than 30 knots and a cruising speed of 25 knots.

“Previously, diesel engines were the rule for our boats over 40 foot,” says Mike Usina, “but we are now seeing a distinct trend that an increasing number of customers are selecting diesel engines also for boats down to 35 feet.”

Technical data
Boat model: Silverton 48 Convertible
Length: 15.72 m
Beam: 4.98 m
Draft: 1.07 m
Weight (dry):  20,909 kg
Engines: 2 x Volvo Penta D12 at 715 hp (533 kW) each