Volvo Penta launches new QL products

A new multipropeller with adjustable and exchangeable blades and a new series of engine-room fans are the latest QL products from Volvo Penta. Volvo Penta’s operations for boat accessories under the QL-Quality Line name continue to develop well. Sales are projected to increase 20% this year, among other factors as a result of more products and sales channels. Another two products are now being launched. A multipropeller with adjustable blades for outboards of between 20 and 300 hp, plus a new series of engine-room fans that meet European and US safety standards according to ISO, N.M.M.A. and US Coast Guard. *
The QL multipropeller is a patented design produced entirely from composite material. The pitch of the propeller can be adjusted simply and it is possible to replace blades in the event of any damage. The adjustable pitch is highly usable for all owners that have different application areas for their boat. When pulling water skiers, or when loaded with passengers, performance can be improved by adjusting to a lower pitch. With the QL propeller, this is a simple action.
In the event a blade is damaged, it is easy and economical to replace the blade. It is also simple and not so expensive to carry a spare blade onboard as a safety measure, if the unforeseen should occur.

The composite material of the QL propeller offers many advantages. It is stronger than aluminum and is not affected by corrosion or cavitation. The composite is also lightweight.
A QL propeller weighs about 40% less than a matching aluminum propeller.
The QL multipropeller is available for most outboard engines as well as drives from OMC, Mercruiser and Yamaha. Initially, the propellers are being sold in Germany, France and all markets outside EU and US, and will be launched in the rest of Europe next year.

Engine room fans
The new QL series of engine-room fans are highly reliable and meet the safety requirements of the ISO, N.M.M.A. and the US Coast Guard standards. The fan line offers 7 new models in two different designs: in-line fans for mounting as an extension of the ventilation pipe and the more traditional radial fans. The fans are designed to ventilate the engine room before start but can also be used for other ventilation purposes. There is also a special heavy-duty model for the instances when continuous operation is required.
QL engine-room fans are easy to install, feature a strong plastic housing, corrosion-resistant material in all components and low electricity consumption.  

For further information, please contact Christina Backman, AB Volvo Penta,
phone: +46 31 322 1647, E-mail: