Volvo Penta revitalizes workboats in Kuwait

Volvo Penta recently equipped two Kuwaiti workboats, a pilot boat and a buoy layer, with twin 34-liter diesel engines. Both vessels, which have been laid-up since the invasion by Iraq in the beginning of the 1990s, are now in service in the Kuwait City harbor.
The rebuilt boats, M/V Muwasalat and M/V Mursheed, are owned by the Kuwait Port Authority and are operated by Naseb Maritime Company. Direct from the start, the demands placed on the work and material were high.

“Prior to the rebuild, we were a bit concerned about the engines developing problems with high cooling water temperatures due to the extremely warm seawater,” says Jassim Naseeb, owner of Naseeb Maritime Company in Kuwait. “Now, after five months of operation, I can report that everything is functioning problem-free. We are highly satisfied with the performance achieved as well as how the rebuild project was managed by Volvo Penta and the local importer Al Boom Marine, Kuwait.”

M/V Muwasalat
M/V Muwasalat is a 300-tone buoy layer equipped with a 25-ton bow crane. The ship was built in 1977 at a Japanese shipyard and was originally equipped with two MTU 8V396 diesel engines, each with 680 hp. Until the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, she served as a buoy layer and maintenance ship. Thereafter, the ship in principle has been laid up until on a commission from the Kuwait it has now been refurbished and again placed in operation.
Two Volvo Penta D34s, each at 634 kW, were selected as the new propulsion system for the ship. Combined with two Voight Schneider units, they propel the 300-ton ship at a speed of 12 knots.
A fire pump is located on the front of the port engine, while the starboard engine is linked to an axle generator. The control system is a Rudolf 1, with slave panels on the bridge.

M/V Mursheed
M/V Mursheed is a 70-ton pilot boat that operated in the Kuwait City harbor until 1990. The original propulsion machinery was replaced with two Volvo Penta D34s, each with 701 kW, connected to two ZF1900A transmissions with 2.0:1 gearing. Combined, they power the pilot boat at a speed of 18 knots.

Technical data

M/V Muwasalat
Length:  41 meters
Beam:  9.5 meters
Weight:  300 tons
Draft:  3.1 meters
Speed:  12 knots
Engines:  2 X Volvo Penta D34A MS, each at 634 kW/862 h.p.,
                 2 X Voight Schneider propulsion system
Class:  B.V.

M/V Mursheed
Length:  21.5 meters
Beam:  5.25 meters
Weight:  70 tons
Draft:  2.5 meters
Speed:  18 knots
Engines:  2 X Volvo Penta D34A MS, each at 701 kW/953 h.p., 
                 2 X ZF1900A transmission

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