QL – Quality Line product news: Belt-driven bow thruster is both silent and compact

The QL Compact Bow Thruster – the CT600 – is an entirely new type of bow thruster with two essential advantages: Simplified installation and direct driven belt drive result in silent running. The CT600 suits boats from 27 to 39 feet long.
With its QL range, Volvo Penta is one of the leading suppliers of bow thrusters for leisure craft. A range that has steadily increased since its introduction ten years ago.

“Bow thrusters are becoming increasingly common since they offer such a great improvement of the boat’s maneuverability. The idea behind our new CT600 bow thruster has been to offer better comfort, simpler installation and less need for service,” says Jörgen Hedin, product manager at Volvo Penta.

Belt drive creates lower noise
The CT600 operates on a drive belt instead of the traditional cog gears. The belt operation has a softer sound and lower noise level, which naturally improves the degree of comfort on board. It also creates lower vibrations and requires less maintenance. There is no oil in the gear box that needs to be changed and the bearings are permanently lubricated. The stainless steel of the control panel means that no zinc anodes are needed, which further reduces the need for service.

Compact and effective
A completely new thruster design in composite material gives the CT600 an very high level of power output.

“The power output of the thruster enables us to use a tunnel with a diameter of 160 mm instead of 185 mm, which is currently the norm. Smaller diameters create more compact installation and less drag during operation, particularly on non-planing boats where the tunnel is always under water and impacts the water stream along the hull,” Jörgen Hedin.

The 160 mm tunnel, combined with the horizontal engine position, results in truly compact installation dimensions. The bow thruster can be placed very close to the very front of the bow and deep in the hull, where its effect will be greatest. The design also results in a significantly simpler drop-in assembly.
Technical data
Model  CT600
Engine power 4 kW
Tunnel diameter 160 mm
Operating voltage 12 or 24 volts
Boat size 27 to 39 feet
Thrust 60 kg/ 590 N

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