The new Volvo Penta D3-160 sport dieselwith Duoprop

Last year, Volvo Penta launched the Volvo Penta D3 as the “sport diesel,” an ultra modern, high-performance marine diesel engine with an Aquamatic drive and very low weight – a combination that has made it a success for sport boats. Volvo Penta is now launching the D3-160 engine with a Duoprop drive, which further improves performance and makes the engine suitable for twin installation in sport cruisers of up to approximately 30 feet in length.
The Volvo Penta D3 is basically the same engine that Volvo Cars uses in its cars – an in-line 5-cylinder engine made of aluminium using the very latest technology. The electronically controlled common rail fuel injection, variable geometry turbo and four-valve technology result in fantastic performance characteristics combined with very low exhaust emissions.

The D3 has been shown to have performance equivalent to modern outboard engines in the same power class but with considerably lower fuel consumption and noise levels.

Duoprop for even better performance
Sales of D3 engines have already exceeded Volvo Penta’s volume targets. Volvo Penta is now launching the high-power version of the D3 – the D3-160 – with the DP-S Duoprop drive.

“This is a feature that customers have been asking for. The Duoprop drive further improves performance without increasing the weight of the package by more than 5 kg. But the most significant advantage of the D3 Duoprop arises in twin installation in sportcruisers and similar boat types. The Duoprop drive’s excellent grip in the water gives these boats, which often weigh around 3 tons, rapid acceleration and safe handling,” says Kenneth Norlén, head of Volvo Penta’s Marine Leisure Europe division.

The Duoprop drive is the DP-S variant, which apart from the D3 is also used for gasoline engines. The drive has all the traditional Volvo Penta characteristics, such as fully integrated cooling water and exhaust systems, a protective kick-up function for ground strikes, a cone clutch and helically cut gears for high reliability and long life. Servo steering and integrated trim function are standard.
Technical data
Model D3-160 DP-S
Crankshaft power 163 hp at 4,000 rpm
Max. torque 340 Nm at 1,750 rpm
Configuration In-line 5-cyl. diesel with turbo and charge-air cooler
Generator 140 A
Cyl. volume 2.4 l
Transmission DP-S Duoprop drive
Weight with Duoprop drive 330 kg
Emissions Will meet future comprehensive emission requirements to be introduced in Europe and the US in 2006/2007