QL – Quality Line product news: Trim system with new technology

The QL Boat Trim System is an entirely new solution, for which a patent application has been submitted, for adjusting a boat’s trim angle. Briefly, the new system consists of a vertical blade – an interceptor – mounted on the transom, that can be moved vertically down into the water stream. Its performance characteristics are at least as good as for conventional trim tabs, and it has the added advantages of faster response, less drag, simpler installation and a minimized service requirement.
“The technology in itself is tested and has been used on high speed ferries, hydrofoils, etc., with excellent results. We developed it further and are now launching the QL Boat Trim System for motor boats ranging in size from small runabouts up to 15-meter-long boats,” says Lars Ljung, product manager at Volvo Penta.

Simple maneuvering, less resistance and quick response
Maneuvering is very easy with an “intelligent” maneuvering panel and straightforward commands – up and down with the bow, lean the boat to starboard or port. The QL Boat Trim System responds very quickly to commands and the boat reacts immediately. The trim indicator shows exactly what position the blade is in at any given time, which further simplifies the driver’s job. When the boat engine is turned off, the interceptors are retracted automatically, which minimizes marine growth and the risk of exterior damage to the interceptor blade.

“The extremely quick response to the driver’s commands is what you mainly notice in the QL Boat Trim System. The boat reacts to commands immediately and you can find the find trim angle very quickly. When leaning the boat to one side, the system causes the interceptor blade on one side to extend while simultaneously retracting the one on the other side. This ensures that the driver’s commands have optimal effect,” says Lars Ljung.

Easy installation, high operating reliability, minimal service
One of the main advantages of the QL Boat Trim System is its simple installation. The interceptor system is delivered with plug-in connectors to permit easy connection. The only hull perforation necessary is a hole for the contact device for each interceptor unit. The interceptors are available in two sizes – 300 and 450 mm wide. Two units can be installed on each side of the transom, and different widths may be combined. The system control unit is mounted inside the boat, in a well protected position. The maneuver panels are weather protected and several panels may be installed parallel to each other if the boat has several maneuver positions.
High operating reliability
“All parts are encapsulated, completely sealed and require no maintenance. We have run extensive lab tests with the requirement that each unit must be able to withstand a quarter of a million adjustments without any problems. We conducted these tests in water using loads equivalent to speeds of between 30 and 50 knots,” says Lars Ljung.

The service requirement is very low. All exposed parts are made of composite so there is no risk of corrosion. The system has no hydraulics, either, but is driven by electrical motors and transmission that require no maintenance.

“The QL Boat Trim System is something completely new to the market. The trim tab has looked more or less the same throughout the decades, but what we are now launching is an entirely new solution. We offer performance characteristics that are at least as good as those of any ordinary system but involve simpler installation, safer handling, extremely quick response and a radically reduced need for service,” says Lars Ljung.

Technical data
A complete QL Boat Trim System consists of:
• Interceptors, 300 or 450 mm wide, to mount on the transom. Up to four interceptors may be mounted parallel to each other on one boat – two on each side of the transom.
• The control unit mounted inside the boat that is connected with plug-in connectors to interceptors and maneuver panel(s).
• Maneuver panel(s) for one or more maneuvering positions.
• The Boat Trim System may be connected to either 12 or 24 volts.

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