Volvo Penta supplies 12-litre engines for harbour cranes

Volvo Penta’s 12-litre diesel engines are gaining increasing numbers of customers among machine producers worldwide. When KCI Konecranes of Finland, a leading manufacturer of lifting equipment, secured a major order for gantry cranes, the power unit chosen was Volvo Penta’s 12-litre engine – despite the fact that similar cranes had previously been equipped with 15-litre engines.
During spring 2004, Volvo Penta delivered 24 of its TAD1242GE engines to be installed in KCI Konecranes’ gantry cranes. The first of the cranes was placed in operation during April, while the remaining 23 will be delivered successively up to the end of the year. The customer of the cranes is one of the largest ports on the Mediterranean.

The cranes, of a type known as Rubber-Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes, are supported by 16 wheels, can lift up to 50 tons and are fully electromechanical. All of the cranes in the delivery represent a new generation of gantry cranes from KCI Konecranes and are classified according to the highest standard.

Previously, KCI Konecranes equipped similar gantry cranes with 15-litre engines from another engine manufacturer, but this time Volvo Penta’s 12-litre engine was chosen instead.

Smooth operation despite demanding conditions
KCI Konecranes places a high priority on reliability and durability, which imposes rigorous demands on the engines. Although the gantry cranes in the Mediterranean port have to operate under high loads, often in high temperatures, and in humid and salt-laden air. The engines have proved to function smoothly and consistently.

The new and quiet engines contribute to a better work environment in the harbour. The Volvo Penta engines also support KCI Konecranes’ ambition to supply products that require minimum maintenance without in any way compromising the customer’s performance expectations.

E lectronic control gives maximum efficiency
The TAD1242GE is an electronically controlled 12-litre engine with a turbocharger and charged-air cooler. The injectors, which operate under extremely high pressure, are controlled by the electronic engine-control system, which ensures that exactly the right amount of fuel is supplied to each cylinder.

The turbocharger and charged-air cooler, combined with four-valve technology, contribute to efficient combustion, resulting in low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions.

Technical data
Engine designation:  TAD1242GE
Electrical output at 1,500 rpm:  409 kVA
Electrical output at 1,800 rpm:  364 kWe

Configuration:  In-line 6-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger  and air-to-air-charged-air cooler
Cylinder volume:  12.13 l
Weight:  1,380 kg dry weight
Engine control system:  EDC III
Exhaust emissions:  Meets EPA stage 2 and TA-Air

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