Volvo Penta launches new dealer locator

Volvo Penta is now launching an entirely new Internet site that will enable customers to locate their nearest Volvo Penta dealer, regardless of the customer’s location.
Volvo Penta has a unique, broad service organization with more than 5,000 dealers worldwide. The new site will make it possible for Volvo Penta’s customers to locate and obtain detailed information about these dealers and to take print-outs of maps and directions.

The site, available in ten languages, offers several different search options:

* dealers within a specific province/region/country
* dealers within a specific location (longitude and latitude)
* dealers offering a certain type of service (e.g. cranes)

The dealer locator not only encompasses Volvo Penta’s customers within the leisure boat industry but also dealers that provide services for marine commercial businesses as well as Volvo Penta’s fast growing industrial engine operations.

Visit the new dealer locator»

For further information, please contact Hanna Lundberg, AB Volvo Penta,
Phone: +46 31 322 5092, E-mail: