Volvo Penta’s largest diesel engine in new fishing boats

The Denizer is a new ocean fishing vessel with modern equipment, built and launched in Turkey. Propulsion for the ship is provided by Volvo Penta’s most powerful diesel engine – a Volvo Penta D65A MT. With strong power performance already at low rpms, the engine is well suited for a fishing boat weighing more than 240 tons.
The ship was recently launched at the Başaran Gemi Sanayi shipyard in Trabzon, Turkey and will work in the Aegean Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Later this year a sister ship to Denizer will be launched with the same type of Volvo Penta power.
Operating cost is decisive factor
Competition is intensive and margins are often small in the fishing industry. This places heavy demands on the crew as well as machinery and equipment. Operating cost is often the decisive factor in engine selection. Costs must be predictable and low.  

The Volvo Penta D65A MT engine is equipped with a powerful turbocharger, an efficient charge-air cooler and a precisely controlled fuel injection system. This ensures optimum fuel efficiency as well as solid operational reliability.

A well-proven workhorse with good low-rpm performance
The Volvo Penta D65A MT is a 16-cylinder, 65-liter marine diesel engine. The engine delivers strong torque and develops full power already at about 1640 rpms. This provides major benefits for fishing boats as well as tugs and other displacement vessels requiring high power at low rpms.

The Volvo Penta D65A MT is available in three power ranges for propulsion and as a complete marine generator.

Technical data Denizer
Length: 51 m
Beam: 18 m
Weight (gross): 241 ton
Speed: 12 knots
Main engine: Volvo Penta D65A MT (1877 hp, 1650 rpm)
Shipyard: Başaran Gemi Sanayi, Trabzon, Turkey
Owner: Denizeri Gıda Maddeleri

For further information, please contact Ann-Charlotte Emegård, AB Volvo Penta, phone:
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