The new D3-190: Sport diesel pulling away

Volvo Penta’s compact D3 sport diesel is fast, lightweight, quiet and clean. It has taken the boating industry by storm since it was launched two years ago. Volvo Penta is now launching a new top model in the D3-series, a powerful 190-hp engine available with sterndrive or as an inboard engine.
The D3 is a table of contents of the latest in engine design and engineering: completely aluminum base engine, with five cylinders in-line, electronically controlled common rail fuel injection, variable geometry turbocharger, four-valve technology and much more.

The technology provides D3 with equal or better performance standards than comparable alternatives – gasoline or diesel.

“D3 provides the same performance as gasoline-powered engines or outboards, but with radically lower fuel consumption. It also offers high reliability, superior second-hand value and half the noise level of outboard engines. The D3 has also been a success as an inboard engine in everything from cabin cruisers to sailboats and sport fishing boats. Even in the US, a market normally dominated by gasoline-powered engines, The D3-series has been successful” says Martin Vansvik, project leader at Volvo Penta.

More power, less weight
The new 190-hp D3 engine has the same compact installation measurements and low weight as earlier models. Complete with DP-S Duoprop drive, it weighs 330 kg. Less than a conventional gasoline engine with sterndrive and only about 50 kg more than an outboard engine with corresponding power output! The D3-190 combines many of the outboard engine’s advantages with a center of gravity that is situated lower and farther forward in the boat, which provides better sea keeping qualities. The theft risk for Volvo Penta D3 is also much lower than outboard engines.

Low emissions, rapid response
The fuel system with electronically controlled common rail and variable geometry turbocharger provides extremely favorable fuel efficiency. Regardless of conditions, the engine is supplied with the correct amount of fuel at every given moment of operations. The result, naturally, is low fuel consumption, but also low exhaust emissions. The D3 complies with the emission requirements introduced in the EU and USA as from 2006.

The advanced engine management also explains the extremely good characteristics. The engine has a powerful torque, with maximum torque as high as 380 Nm, and the response to driver commands is immediate.

Minimal maintenance requirements
Automatic belt tensioners and self-adjusting valves provide low maintenance requirements and simple, annual service. The D3 is available in both SX single-propeller drive and DP-S Duoprop drive. For inboard installations, there is a wide range of matched transmissions, including straight and angled shafts and V-drive.

Technical data

Engine  D3-190
Crankshaft power190 hp at 4,000 rpm
Maximum torque380 Nm at 1,700 rpm
Configuration In-line 5-cylinder diesel with electronically
controlled common rail, 4-valve design,
variable geometry turbocharger and charge-air cooler
Cylinder volume2.4 liters
Transmissions SX single-propeller drive, DP-S Duoprop drive, hydraulic reverse gear with straight and angled shaft, V-drive
Weight232 kg (excl transmission )
Emissions Complies with the emission requirements introduced in the EU and USA as from 2006 and the local requirements for Lake of Constance (BSO).

For further information, please contact Ann-Charlotte Emegård AB Volvo Penta, phone:
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