Volvo Penta expands plant in China

Volvo Penta is expanding its Chinese engine plant, resulting in an increase in production capacity to about 10,000 engines annually.
The plant, located in Wuxi, about 100 kilometers west of Shanghai, is jointly owned by Volvo Penta and its Chinese partner, Wuxi Diesel Engine Works.

Inaugurated in the beginning of 2000, the plant assembles diesel engines delivered as CKD kits, primarily from Volvo’s engine plant in Skövde, Sweden. Certain local components are also included in production.

In pace with Volvo Penta’s successes in China, operations have been gradually expanded. The new plant premises were formally opened after New Year 2005, which means that the plant floor space now amounts to about 7,000 square meters. The plant, which has been operating at full capacity in recent years, now has a capacity of 10,000 engines annually.

Production involves diesel engines used in industrial applications, mainly generator sets, as well as in various types of workboats and passenger vessels.

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