Italian coastguard fits rigid inflatables with Volvo Penta engines

When the Italian coastguard invests in new rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), Volvo Penta provides the horsepower. A dozen Zodiac boats are to be fitted with the powerful Volvo Penta AD41 in a twin installation. The drive package gives the boats a top speed that exceeds the customer’s specification by nearly five knots.
The order is for 24 engines, with an option for an additional four engines. All the engines will be installed on high-speed RIBs in the nine-meter class, fitted with fiberglass keels.

Top speed more than 39 knots
When Volvo Penta’s AD41 engine was tested by boat builder Zodiac Hurricane in Vancouver, Canada, the results exceeded the customer’s expectations. The requirement specifications stipulated a top speed of 35 knots with a full load and two-man crew, but in fact, with the Volvo Penta AD41 engines, the boat’s top speed was 39.5 knots – nearly five knots faster.
The tests, some of which were carried out in harsh weather conditions, also showed that the boat had excellent maneuverability and that the drive package responded rapidly to driver commands.

High fuel efficiency gives long range
The Volvo Penta AD41 is a well-proven 200-horsepower six-cylinder diesel engine developed for planing boats. The turbocharged direct-injection engine is compact, powerful and fuel-efficient.

The Duoprop drive efficiently transmits power to water, giving swift acceleration, high speed and low fuel consumption. The combination of a high cruising speed and low fuel consumption gives the boats a long range. The Italian coastguard’s new rigid inflatable boats will have a radius of action in excess of 160 kilometers.

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