Success for QL’s new Trim System

The QL Boat Trim System, which was launched last year, has been highly popular with boaters. Sales to date this year already exceed the annual sales of the traditional trimming tabs.
The new trim system makes the boat faster and more fuel efficient. The simple installation reduces the attachment time by 50% compared with a traditional system. The QL Boat Trim System is mounted directly on the transom and there are no hydraulics, which means minimum service maintenance.

The QL Boat Trim System fits virtually all types of planing boats from about 18 to more than 50 feet, with various types of propulsion systems – outboard, inboard, stern drive, water jet and, of course, Volvo Penta’s new IPS system.

“The reaction we have received from boat builders and their tests is very positive. Of course, they like the simple installation, as well as the high performance and the immediate response”, says Håkan Wallin, Volvo Penta’s Parts Manager in Europe.

The low-speed features are highly favorable and the QL Boat Trim System provides effect already at low speeds, in certain cases already at six knots. The system is also very suitable for water jets, since there are no horizontal plates that can be an obstruction and could be damaged when the unit’s water jets are reversed at stop and backing maneuvers.  

Another advantage is that the QL Boat Trim System can actually function as emergency steering or to assist the existing steering.

Technical data
A complete QL Boat Trim System comprises:

•  Interceptor, 300 or 450 mm wide, to mount on the transom. Up to four interceptors can  be mounted in parallel on a boat, two on each side of the transom stern.
•  The control unit is mounted in the boat, with plug-contacts to the interceptors and control panel(s).
•  Control panel (s) for one or several helm stations. Up to four helm stations can be connected.
•  QL Boat Trim System can be connected to 12 or 24 volts.

For further information please contact AB Volvo Penta, Christina Backman, phone number:
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