Environmentally friendly engine at the Paris Air Show

At the international Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, Volvo Aero will display the successfully engine tested rear turbine frame of the European technology engine CLEAN. The rear frame was designed, developed and manufactured by Volvo Aero.

In addition to the rear frame, Volvo Aero was responsible for the LP turbine case and the assembly of the entire CLEAN engine. The CLEAN engine validates technology for future engines with new thermodynamic cycles, such as intercooled, recuperated and geared fan cycles. The rear frame was designed to withstand higher temperatures than today’s engines. During the engine testing carried out this winter the Volvo Aero components performed well and the CLEAN engine met all targets regarding performance and emissions.

CLEAN is part of the EEFAE project (Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Aero Engine), which is an EU project with a budget of more than EUR 100 million. Nearly all the large European manufacturers in the aero engine industry are involved. The European EEFAE engine technology program began in March 2000. Its purpose is to develop the Antle (Affordable Near Term Low Emission) and Clean (Component validator for environmentally friendly aero engine) research engines. The goal for the Antle project has been to cut emissions of carbon dioxide by 10 percent and nitrous oxides by 60 percent by 2008. The goal for Clean is more long term. Clean aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent and nitrous oxide emissions by 80 percent by 2020.