Common Vehicle Instrumentation

The instrument panel is important for making a driver feel at home in a new truck. A Volvo should always look like a Volvo. Of course, brand uniqueness is equally important to Renault and Mack. Working together, a group of engineers at Volvo 3P developed a common family of instruments that are almost identical in technical terms, but flexible enough to allow very different appearance. This group received the 2006 Volvo Technology Award for its work.

Flexibility built in
The common instrument cluster is characterized by a high level of component commonality, unseen by the observer, while at the same time affording a high degree of flexibility with a clearly visible brand identity.

Thus many different versions of the instruments can be created, enabling brand-specific styling.

Common components and software
Although the instrumentation is designed to suit the electrical systems of the different brands, the team was largely successful in using the same software and hardware for all of the instruments in the family.

Volvo Technology Award winners 2006
While some displays are identical, they appear different since the instruments have been adapted visually to harmonize with each individual brand.

Award winners at Volvo 3P in Göteborg, Lyon and Greensboro:

•Zoran Antic
•Leif Olsson
•Mari Hiljemark
•Henrik Sjöblom
•Daron Schuller
•François Longueville
•Franck Gaillard
•Frédéric Rémonnay
•Jon Quigley