Volvo Penta IPS Joystick – success from the start

Volvo Penta IPS Joystick was introduced at the London Boat Show in January 2006. The product attracted considerable attention and is now in demand among increasing numbers of consumers who choose boats equipped with Volvo Penta IPS.
The advantages provided by Volvo Penta’s ingenious new joystick are obvious. With a few simple hand movements, the boat driver can safely place the boat at the quayside even in difficult wind conditions.

Just move the joystick in the direction you want the boat to go and Volvo Penta IPS, the new drive system with forward-facing propellers, does the rest.

“Production of the joystick is now fully under way in order to satisfy the considerable demand. The fact that it is easy to install for those customers who have already purchased the IPS system is attracting more customers than expected. All they have to do is to install the joystick, connect a cable and install the software,” says Anders Thorin, Technical Project Manager at Volvo Penta.

Although the joystick may look simple, this innovation is the result of extensive development work, including exhaustive safety and reliability tests.

“The hardware for the joystick is relatively uncomplicated: integrated with EVC and the new CAN bus technology, drawing of the cables is easy and integration is complete. The main engineering work focused on developing the unique and comprehensive software, which took several years,” says Anders Thorin.

The Joystick is available as an accessory for those customers who purchase, or have purchased, the IPS400, IPS500 or the two new engine alternatives, the IPS600 and IPS350.

Facts about Volvo Penta IPS Joystick
  • Accessory for boats equipped with Volvo Penta IPS. Can be installed on all boats equipped with IPS; retrofit is also possible.
  • Single-handed maneuvering for mooring and driving at low speeds.
  •  Enables the boat to be maneuvered in all directions: directly sideways, at an angle, forward/backward, rotating around its axis and so forth.
  •  Maximum engine speed is limited to 1,500 rpm.
  •  Requires no separate service.
  •  Installation, including retrofit, is very simple.

For further information, please contact Ann-Charlotte Emegård, AB Volvo Penta,
phone: +46 31 66 84 18, E-mail: