New Volvo Penta D6-435 for inboard installations

The D6-435 is a newly developed diesel engine for inboard installations. It complements Volvo Penta’s new D series range of diesel engines, filling the gap between the D6-370 (370 hp) and the D9-500 (500 hp). The new D6-435 is thus the replacement for the earlier big-selling and virtually legendary TAMD74
“In comparative tests, the new D6-435 clearly demonstrates the advantages of the new diesel technology: faster acceleration, lower fuel consumption, better environmental figures and more compact installation dimensions. All of which makes it a worthy successor to the TAMD74,” says Lennart Sellman, product planner at Volvo Penta.

Better in all respects in comparative tests
Volvo Penta conducted a preliminary comparative test on a 43-foot Storebro 420 Biscay. The test compared twin D6-435s with twin TAMD74Ls, with all the engines using conventional inboard shaft installations.

In the test, the new D6-435 showed superior performance in all respects:
  •  25-percent better acceleration up to 20 knots.
  •  Slightly higher top speed.
  •  More compact installation dimensions (150 mm shorter).
  •  Lower weight: the D6-435 weighs 368 kg less (total engine weight, including reverse gear). This means the weight is more than 700 kg lower for a twin installation.
  •  Exhaust fumes halved – hardly any visible fumes when accelerating.

New engine based on D6
The D6-435 is a newly developed model based on the D6 that was launched in 2003. Externally, it is an in-line six-cylinder diesel with a new turbocharger and a modified intercooler. Internally, it features a new cylinder head in which the valves have been relocated to increase airflow. The pistons are new, with matching combustion chambers. The intercooler, air intake and injector are larger. The cooling system has also been upgraded to cope with the higher output. Combined with state-of-the-art electronic common rail fuel injection and combustion technology, these features result in world-class performance. One of the design objectives was to provide lively acceleration without producing fumes. Torque already reaches an impressive 993 Nm at 2,000 rpm.

EVC as standard
Both the engine and the controls and instrumentation are integrated via Volvo Penta’s EVC (Electronic Vessel Control) system. This permits simple installation and gives high operational reliability. The CAN bus technology uses a serial data cable to replace conventional cabling for instruments and controls. Electronic controls for shift and throttle are standard.
Invisible technology produces visible environmental gains
During 2006-2007, both the US and Europe are introducing emissions requirements for diesel engines in leisure craft. The D6-435, together with all the models in Volvo Penta’s diesel range, meets the rigorous emissions requirements.

“It is mainly the electronic systems that enable engine combustion to be precisely controlled and fully monitored. Together with highly effective intercooling, high-pressure fuel injection and four-valve technology, this results in an engine that emits hardly any visible fumes or odors,” says Bertil Andersson, head of technical development at Volvo Penta.

Several transmission alternatives: straight shaft and down angle gearbox
The D6-435 is available with several reverse gear options, with a straight shaft and also a down angle gearbox, all with electronically controlled gear-shift integrated with the engines via the EVC system. As an optional extra, a low-speed function is available that uses a transmission with a slip clutch to enable the boat to be driven at about half the idling speed, which is useful when maneuvering in a harbor for example.

D6-435 technical data
Crankshaft output: 435 hp at 3,500 rpm.
Torque: 993 Nm at 2,000 rpm.
Configuration: In-line six-cylinder diesel with turbocharger and intercooler.
Generator: 115 A.
Cylinder volume: 5.51.
Transmission: Hydraulic reverse gear and V-drive with electronically controlled gear change.
Weight, excluding transmission: 594 kg.
Emissions: Complies with EU RCD and US EPA Tier 2.

For further information, please contact Ann-Charlotte Emegård, AB Volvo Penta,
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