Volvo do Brasil voted the best workplace

Volvo Groups subsidiary Volvo do Brasil has for the second consecutive year been voted the best workplace in the Brazilian transport sector.
The survey was carried out by the Exame and Você S/A magazines. In the survey, Volvo do Brasil also scores the highest points among large companies when it comes to enjoyment at work. In addition, the company was cited as offering the best health and medical care services for employees.

Volvo do Brasil also ranked high in the categories of Identity, which gauges company values, Products and Visions, Personal Development, and Work Satisfaction and Motivation. The survey covered a total of 150 companies within 20 different industries.

“In addition to the many benefits and the excellent working environment offered, people apply for jobs to Volvo because this is a company that utilises a lot of technology and offers considerable scope for personal development, both in Brazil and in the Group’s various units the world over,” says Sônia Gurgel, director of Human Resources at Volvo do Brasil.

August 31, 2006


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