Volvo Penta's most powerful engine

Compact, fuel-efficient and with excellent load step performance are characteristics of the new Volvo Penta TWD1643GE diesel engine.
These features are a result of Volvo Penta’s use of the latest advanced engine technology, such as; dual stage turbo chargers, dual stage charge air cooling and electronic engine control with CAN bus technology. The TWD1643GE is optimised for dual speed, 1500 and 1800 rpm as specially required for the power generation market. 

Compact with high power
This new 16.1 litre displacement engine has market leading performance. 
 - 630 kVA prime power 50 Hz
 - 605 kWe standby power 60 Hz.
These power levels are normally seen with larger displacement engines and make it easy for customers to install TWD1634GE anywhere where smaller sizes are required. In addition, the compact engine design gives improved benefits of low fuel consumption. The engine consumes only 196 g/kWh at 1500 rpm.

Dual stage turbo provides immediate response
A highly important feature in engines for power generation is the ability to respond rapidly   to load changes. The TWD1643GE is the first Volvo Penta engine equipped with dual stage turbo chargers. These are connected in series with a separate charge air cooler after each turbo unit. The smaller high-pressure turbo responds rapidly and generates an immediate charge pressure, while the larger low-pressure turbo gives the engine its high peak output. The high pressure turbo is fitted with a waste-gate valve to regulate and protect the engine from excess charge air pressure. Load step performance is excellent at both 1500 and 1800 rpm.

Efficient cooling, high reliability
The newly developed cooling system has a high efficient two stage radiator. Combined with the dual stage water-cooled charge air coolers, it secures reliable cooling, which is important for operational safety and the lifetime of the engine.

Concept standard with many advantages
This new in-line 6-cylinger, 16-liter engine follows the same design philosophy as Volvo Penta’s  9- and 12-liter engines. Much of the technology is common and service is implemented in the same manner. In addition, several filters and spare parts are similar, which guarantees high availability and simplified stocking of spare parts.

Another similarity is in the electronic EMS 2 engine control. This is a highly user-friendly system built on CAN bus technology. The customer may either choose to use Volvo Penta’s engine instrument and control equipment or connect its own via the interface that is available in the EMS 2.

Dual speed 1500 and 1800 rpm is a standard feature on the new TWD1643GE as well as it is on the 9 and 12-liter engines offered by Volvo Penta.

Low emissions
The modern engine technology does not only provide low fuel consumption and high engine output, but also low exhaust emissions. The TWD1643GE corresponds to the most extensive international demands that exist for engines in this power class, EPA Tier 2 and TA-luft * and EU Stage 2.

Technical facts
Engine designation: TWD1643GE
Output at 1500 rpm:  630 kVA
Output at 1800 rpm:  605 kWe
Configuration:   In-line 6-cylinder diesel engine, dual-stage turbo  with dual-stage water-cooled charge air coolers Displacement:   16.1 liter
Weight:    1700 kg (dry weight)
Engine control system:  EMS 2
Exhaust emissions:  Complies with EPA Tier 2, TA-luft1 and EU Stage 2

* Engine complies, final certification as complete generator set.  


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