The world's most powerful truck

Volvo Trucks is today presenting a new version of the flagship Volvo FH16 in Europe.
Volvo FH16
The greater part of the investment of SEK 300 million has been on the cleaner 16 litre engine, which with its 660 hp is the most powerful in the truck industry.

The Volvo FH16 is in the prestige class and has been designed for really heavy transport tasks. The new Volvo has a cleaner engine that fulfils the future Euro 4 exchaust norms and is also prepared for the Euro 5 norm. Engines range right up to 660 hp.

Another new feature is Volvo's popular I-shift gearbox on the Volvo FH16 up to 60 metric tons. Volvo I-shift is an an automated mechanical gearbox that always provides optimal gear changing. I-shift stands for intelligent shift, and this relieves pressure on the driver, saves fuel and increases safety. Together engine and gearbox form a very powerful driveline providing the opportunity for a higher average speed in time-critical haulage over hilly terrain. The powerful drive package comes into its own on steep upslopes, but also on downslopes. The new engine brake boasts all of 15% greater braking power.

Several countries are now considering following Sweden and Finland as regards allowing longer and heavier rigs in order to reduce traffic volumes and thereby improve accessibility on the roads. This also favours the environment by reducing emissions and, what is more, has a positive effect on European road safety.

"The Volvo FH16 accommodates the trend towards heavier road transport. Heavier and longer rigs increase transport efficiency and are good for the environment. They are needed to meet the growing volumes of transport in Europe," says Staffan Jufors, President and CEO of Volvo Trucks.

February 1, 2006

For further information, contact Claes Claeson, tel. +46 31-66 39 08 or +46 708 - 36 39 08


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