Volvo Trucks secures Hungarian order

Volvo Trucks' Hungarian subsidiary, Volvo Hungary Trading and Services Kft, has received an order for 1,000 trucks from Waberer's Optimum Solution, a transportation and logistics company.
Fredrik Bohlin, Attila Boros, György Waberer, Tom Jörning
The trucks will be delivered over a three-year period.

Waberer's Optimum Solution is a privately owned transportation and logistics company that provides transport assignments in Hungary and in Western and Eastern Europe. Volvo accounts for most of the company's fleet of trucks and the renewed contract with Volvo as supplier is based on good service and a well-developed network in the aftermarket.

The order is for 1,000 Volvo FH trucks equipped with the new 13-liter engine that was launched during autumn 2005. The new trucks will be delivered over a three-year period, starting now in June.

Volvo Trucks started to cooperate with Waberer's Optimum Solution as early as 1997 and the first order for a 500 trucks was received in 1998. Subsequently, Volvo Trucks has delivered 100 to 150 trucks to the company annually.

A total of 492 vehicles were delivered to Hungary in 2005.

June 21, 2006

Picture: Fredrik Bohlin, Volvo Hungaria, Attila Boros, CEO, Waberer's Optimum Solution
György Waberer -  Chairman and owner, Waberer's Optimum Solution
Tom Jörning, Managing Director, Volvo Polska, Region Central East


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