Volvo Penta IPS – now also as a four-engine installation

The 75-foot Lazzara LSX 75 express yacht, manufactured in the US, is the world’s first boat to install four Volvo Penta IPS drive units. With the new system, the boat gains properties and performance that are entirely new for boats in these size classes.
Volvo Penta’s IPS (Inboard Performance System) drive system with forward-facing propellers
and steerable drive units has rapidly become a success in the marine industry. Boats equipped
with the new drive system gain dramatically improved comfort, performance, environmental and maneuverability characteristics compared with traditional shaft installations.

Combined with the new, ingenious joystick, the end customer gains a unique boating experience
that no other engine manufacturer than Volvo Penta can offer.

Multiple configurations
Usually, the drive system exists as a twin configuration, meaning that two engines are connected to separate control units. However, during the autumn, Volvo Penta introduced the system as a triple configuration, and as of now, it is also available as a quadruple configuration.

The US-manufactured Lazzara LSX Quad 75 is the first boat with quadruple IPS drive units. The Lazzara LSX has four IPS600 drive units onboard and each one provides performance equivalent to 600 horsepower, that is, a total of approximately 2,400 horsepower.

The IPS drive units are compact, making new and bold design solutions possible. The Lazzara LSX Quad 75 was launched in conjunction with the boat show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the US, and attracted major attention.

“As a result of the compact engine installation, the space onboard the Lazzara 75 is extremely spacious. Based on space, it can compete with a 82-85 foot boat. In terms of environmental features and performance, it is most nearly comparable to a sport boat,” says Lennart Arvidsson, Volvo Penta IPS project leader.

Better in all areas
There is a 30- to 50-percent improvement in the boat’s fuel consumption and range, and furthermore, it is quieter, cleaner – and faster. Cruising speed is about 30 knots and the boat can achieve a top speed of approximately 34 knots – high figures for a boat in this size class.

Maneuvering and docking of the boat will also be safer and easier with Volvo Penta’s new joystick.  

For the driver, there is no difference if the boat is powered by two or four drive units. Throttle and shifting is conducted in the same manner. There is no need for additional controls.   

Four power classes
As of this autumn, Volvo Penta IPS is being offered in a total of four power classes: IPS350, IPS400, IPS500 and IPS600.

The system is delivered with Volvo Penta’s high-technology D4/D6 diesel engines, which combined with forward-facing propellers and steerable drive units, provide performance far exceeding the engines actual number of horsepower.

Currently, Volvo Penta IPS is available in boats worldwide. About 100 different boat models with the new drive system have been launched.