Volvo Penta IPS – now also as a triple installation

Volvo Penta’s new drive system with forward-facing propellers and steerable drive units is now for the first time available as a triple installation. And the result is amazing.
Volvo Penta IPS (Inboard Performance System) has rapidly become a success in the marine industry. Boats equipped with the new drive system gain dramatically improved performance, environmental and maneuverability characteristics compared to traditional shaft installation.

Combined with the new, ingenious joystick, the end customer gains a unique boating experience that no other engine manufacturer than Volvo Penta can offer.

Larger boats
To date, the drive system has only existed as twin installations, but as of this autumn Volvo Penta is offering multiple combinations, that is three or more units.

This means that Volvo Penta IPS can be delivered to increasingly larger boats, from 50 foot and upwards. As a result, these boats gain comfort and maneuverability properties that previously were not possible in these size classes. And they gain performance that otherwise requires considerably more powerful engines.

There is no difference for the driver if the boat is powered by two or more drive units. Throttle and shifting are the same as with a twin installation – the rest is handled electronically. No requirement for addition controls.

Naturally, it will also be possible to maneuver boats with multiple systems with the joystick that makes docking and maneuvering in congested harbors easier and safer.

56-foot Absolute
The Italian 56-footer, Absolute, is the first boat in Europe to be launched with triple Volvo Penta IPS units. The Absolute 56, which is being premiered at the ongoing Cannes boat show, has been equipped with three IPS600 units that provide the boat with power equivalent to about 1,800 horsepower – and unmatched performance features.

Fuel consumption and noise levels are dramatically lower than for comparable boats with a traditional shaft installation. Top speed is about 40 knots! And the maneuverability of the boat can nearly be compared with a passenger car.

In addition, with the new joystick, the Absolute 56 can be safely and controllably maneuvered in the harbor and in docking.

Four power classes
As of this autumn, Volvo Penta IPS is being offered in a total of four power classes: IPS350, IPS400, IPS500 and IPS600.

The system is delivered with Volvo Penta’s high-technology D4/D6 diesel engines that combined with forward-facing propellers and steerable drive units provides performance far exceeding the engines actual number of horsepower.

Currently, Volvo Penta IPS is available in boats worldwide. About 100 different boat models with the new drive system have been launched, or will be launched in conjunction with the major boat shows in the autumn and winter.