Volvo Penta receives industrial orders in Mexico

Volvo Penta has received two orders for industrial engines from Mexico. These are for a total of 80 of Volvo Penta’s 16-litre diesel engines for powering generators. The orders are valued at approximately 20 million Swedish kronor.
The customer is Maquinaria Igsa, a Mexican energy supplier whose portfolio includes generator set production facilities.

The new orders include 56 TAD1641GE engines and 24 of the new TWD1643GE – all in genpac configuration.

The orders represent a strategic breakthrough on the Mexican market. They were secured by Volmar, Volvo Penta´s importer for Mexico, in the face of strong competition from several large American engine manufacturers.

Generator units for Walmart’s expansion in Mexico
The diesel engines will be used both for standby backup power and for continuous electrical generation. The largest single customer is the Walmart convenience store chain which is undergoing significant expansion in Mexico. They have selected Maquinaria Igsa and Volvo Penta as their main suppliers for standby power generation at their new stores.

Low fuel consumption in combination with low emissions
Volvo Penta was chosen for a variety of reasons.

“The Genpac configuration gives the customer several benefits. The engine is delivered as a complete unit fitted to a retractable steel frame onto which the generator and other components are installed. The low fuel consumption allied to low emissions is also strong arguments for companies that are now focusing increasingly on more environmentally suitable solutions. The TWD1643GE corresponds to the most comprehensive international emissions requirements for engines in this power category, EPA stage 2, TA-air1 and EU stage 2,” says John Lynch, President of Volmar.

Technical specifications, TWD1643GE
Engine designation: TWD1643GE
Electric power output at 1500 rpm:630 kVA
Electric power output at 1800 rpm: 605 kWe
Configuration: In-line 6-cylinder diesel engine, two-stage turbo with two-stage  water-cooled intercooler
Cylinder displacement:16.12 l
Weight: 1,700 kg (dry weight)
Engine management system: EMS 2
Exhaust emissions: Meets EPA stage 2, TA-air1 and EU stage 2*

Technical specifications, TAD1641GE
Engine designation: TAD1641GE
Electric power output at 1500 rpm:559 kVA
Electric power output at 1800 rpm: 518 kWe
Configuration:  In-line 6-cylinder diesel engine, turbo with air-to-air intercooler
Cylinder displacement:  16.12 l
Weight: 1,480 kg (dry weight)
Engine management system:  EMS 2
Exhaust emissions:  Meets EPA stage 2, TA-air1 and EU stage 2.*
* The engine meets the requirements, final certification, as a complete generator unit.

For further information, please contact Ann-Charlotte Emegård,
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