Volvo Penta Aquamatic: The world’s most powerful diesel sterndrive engines

Volvo Penta is further reinforcing its position as the world leader in sterndrive engines. The new Aquamatic range includes the world’s most powerful diesel sterndrive engine and the world’s most powerful four-cylinder diesel engine.
Diesel engines coupled to sterndrives are one of Volvo Penta’s most important product areas, with the company maintaining a market-leading position in this sector for many years.

As environmental awareness increases in the boat industry, interest is being heightened still further in diesel engines with sterndrives. The three engine series in the Volvo Penta range – the D3, D4 and D6 – are all fully electronically controlled and feature high-efficiency common rail fuel injection systems. Their emission levels are low and meet both the European RCD and the American EPA tier 2 requirements. Equally important is the efficiency of the drive system itself: Aquamatic drive with counter-rotating propellers, Duoprop, provides a particularly high efficiency rating which in combination with fuel-efficient diesel engines gives the lowest possible fuel consumption and thus exhaust emissions. 

The world’s most powerful four-cylinder diesel engine produces 300 horsepower from a remarkably compact package. Performance and installation dimensions are both comparable with big-block V8 petrol engines.

“We’ve adopted the technology from the 6-cylinder D6-435 which was launched last year and transferred it to the 4-cylinder D4. The main features are the new cylinder head, new injectors and new valves. In addition, the D4-300 has a new turbocharger and aftercooler, a further-developed compressor, new engine management and entirely new engine mounts,” says Björn Säljö, product planner at Volvo Penta.

The D4 has taken a major step forward when it comes to comfort too.
“The D4 now takes a step up into a power output class that was previously the exclusive domain of 6-cylinder engines. We have to fully match the six-cylinder unit’s smoothness and we do this with a well-balanced base design, effective sound insulation for the compressor, integrated balance shafts and our all-new engine mounts,” explains Björn Säljö.

The compact outer dimensions of the D4 are a major benefit to boat-builders and boat owners. It is possible to install more power in a limited area, thus freeing up more space for passengers or stowage.

The world’s most powerful diesel engine with sterndrive previously produced 350 hp, now it offers 370.

“The new D6-370 is based on the same engine that is used for the IPS500. We’ve optimised the engine for the DPH and DPR drives, which have been modified for the higher power output. The result is excellent, to say the least. In twin engine installation it can propel a boat weighing over 10 tons at more than 40 knots. For fast sports craft with single engine installation it offers excellent performance with low fuel consumption,” says Björn Säljö.

The other model in the D6 series has also been upgraded from 310 to 330 hp. 

The diesel-powered Aquamatic range is available with a wide selection of accessories from Volvo Penta. Powertrim Assistant automatically gives the boat a favourable trim angle for enhanced safety and comfort. Speed characteristics and fuel consumption are also better with Powertrim Assistant.

The drive is trimmed on five different axes which are preset against a given engine speed. It is trimmed to the maximum during acceleration so the boat quickly starts planing and then gradually trimmed out to give the boat the best and most fuel-efficient trim angle.

Crankshaft output: 300 hp (221 kW)
Max torque: 702 Nm (518 lbf. ft) at 2500 r/min
Cylinder displacement: 3.7 l (224 in³)
Weight incl. drive: 663 kg (1462 lb)
Drive: DPH Duoprop

Crankshaft output: 370 hp (272 kW)
Max torque: 883 Nm (651 lbf. ft) at 2000 r/min
Cylinder displacement: 5.5 l (336 in³)
Weight incl. drive: 770 kg (1698 lb)
Drive: DPH Duoprop or for boats with top speeds exceeding 50 knots, DPR Duoprop

Crankshaft output: 330 hp (243 kW)
Max torque: 810 Nm (598 lbf. ft) at 2500 r/min
Cylinder displacement: 5.5 l (336 in³)
Weight incl. drive:750kg (1653 lb)
Drive: DPH Duoprop

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