New QL Automatic Boat Trim system: Always perfect trim

Keeping perfect trim angle and compensating for heel used to be a challenge for any helmsman. Not anymore! With the new Automatic Boat Trim system from QL, the ride is always perfect. All the helmsman needs to do is push the “A”-button and let QL Automatic Boat Trim do the rest.
QL Boat Trim system is revolutionary in that it uses vertical interceptor blades, rather than the conventional horizontal plates. Among other benefits, this gives rapid response to changes in boat trim, and opens for an efficient and reliable automatic trim function.

Just press the “A”-button!
The helmsman gets a new optional button on his control panel: the “A”-button which stands for “automatic” and pushing it enters Automatic mode.

The helmsman needs first to trim the boat manually to the wanted attitude. A five second push of the A-button activates the memory and the Automatic boat trim will remember this attitude, also when the power is turned off. The helmsman can set a new wanted position at any time. The Automatic Boat Trim automatically compensates for changes of boat attitude caused by speed, wind or people moving about on-board.

While in Automatic-mode, the system is active at boat speeds over six knots and inactive at lower speeds. The helmsman can easily go back to manual mode by simply pressing the A-button or by just pressing any of the other four buttons on the control panel.

How does it work?
• The Automatic Boat Trim system consists of the QL Boat Trim system plus an Attitude control unit and a GPS receiver.
• The Attitude control unit constantly monitors the relative attitude of the boat compared to the wanted and sends the information to the main control unit.
• The GPS receiver monitors boat speed and, more importantly, changes in course and feeds the main control unit with this data.
• The main control unit is the brain of the system. Specially developed software constantly calculates the information received and sends commands to the interceptor units.

With the system in Automatic mode, there is no blade position shown on the panel, only the automatic indicator light. Should there be an error in the system an error code is shown on the control panel.

Automatic mode is active until the helmsman enters manual mode again, even if the engine is turned off and later restarted.

Installation of Automatic Boat Trim system is very easy. Thanks to can-bus technology the Attitude control unit and the GPS receiver are connected simply by a Y-connector. There is no extra calibration needed – just set the wanted boat attitude and the perfect trim is there. The system can also easily be installed as a retrofit. The software works for any boat model suitable for the QL Boat Trim system.

Features QL Automatic Boat Trim system:
• Fully automatic boat trim, pitch and roll.
• Senses changes in course and do not compensate for heeling in turns.
• Memory for last set point, also when power is turned off.
• Manual override at any time.
• Four helm stations possible.
• Easy installation. Also for retrofit.
• No extra maintenance required.
• Complies with CE and ABYC requirements.

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