Volvo Penta D11 - Compact, powerful and clean

Volvo Penta’s new D11 marine diesel is an attractive combination of powerful torque and high power output, compact external dimensions and very low exhaust emissions. With a displacement of 11 litres and 670 hp, it will be available for both traditional shaft installation and Volvo Penta IPS.
Three years ago, Volvo Penta launched the D9 nine-litre engine. The new D11 shares the same basic construction but has increased cylinder displacement along with a number of new features. Thorbjörn Lundqvist is Volvo Penta’s technical project manager:

“The construction is even more robust now. The block is made of compact graphite which is 50% stronger than conventional cast-iron and the cylinder head is of “double deck” design, featuring two reinforced layers to give it immense torsional rigidity.”

Efficient fuel system
The D9 was the first engine to feature the so-called twin-entry turbo system where each exhaust pulse is harnessed to provide boost pressure, which in turn ensures extremely rapid response and powerful acceleration. The D11 has the same solution but with added charge air cooling and an even more advanced exhaust manifold. Injection takes place with a new type of unit injector.

“The injectors we have chosen for the D11 can be controlled at both opening and closing. Normally, opening is controlled mechanically and closing is handled with the help of a spring, but we can now control the timing and the quantity of fuel injected even more precisely. Injection pressure can be varied from very low, which is utilised at idling for a low noise level, to very high – maximum 2000 bar – which provides extremely finely atomised fuel distribution and an optimal mixture with air. All this means we can ensure very precise and complete combustion, which means the fuel is exploited to the very maximum.”

Efficient combustion gives low exhaust emissions. The D11 meets the European RCD and the more comprehensive American EPA phase 2 standards. In addition, smoke levels are very low, virtually non-existent.

Simple installation and service 
The Volvo Penta D11 is compact, with smaller external dimensions than other engines offering the same power output, which in turn makes for easy installation. All the fuel and oil filters, the oil dipstick and oil filler are gathered together at the rear of the engine where they are easily accessible for service. This also means that the same engine specification can be used for starboard and port installations.

D4-300: the world’s most powerful four-cylinder marine engine
Yet another new engine for straight shaft drive and Volvo Penta IPS is the D4-300. This is Volvo Penta’s four-cylinder marine diesel with a displacement of 3.7 litres, with its power output increased to a massive 300 hp. This makes it the world’s most powerful four-cylinder marine diesel.

Technical data
D11-670, IPS850
Crankshaft output: 670 hp (493 kW)
Max. torque: 2450 Nm from 1300 r/min
Configuration: In-line 6-cyl diesel with electronically controlled unit injectors, twin-entry turbo and aftercooler
Displacement: 10.8 l
Emissions: EU RCD and EPA tier 2.

Crankshaft output: 300 hp (221 kW)
Max. torque: 702 Nm (518 lb. ft) at 2500 r/min
Configuration In-line 4-cyl diesel with electronically controlled common rail, turbocharger and aftercooler
Displacement: 3.7 l (224 in³)
Emissions: EU RCD and EPA tier 2.

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