D16 marine genset – now also with radiator cooling

The D16 was introduced as a marine genset one and a half years ago and quickly became a success. Now it is also available with radiator cooling. The new model has been developed for emergency and in-harbour duties aboard merchant ships as well as offshore applications.
“The engine and generator options are the same as with heat exchanger or keel cooling. We have also managed to retain the high power output, thanks to the high-capacity radiator”, says technical project manager Hans Jovén.

Electronic management
MCC is Volvo Penta’s electronic platform for managing and controlling marine gensets. The D16 MC RC is equipped with the latest version allowing communication over longer distances, thanks to MODBUS communication. Each genset can be safely and easily integrated in the ships onboard management system.

Approved for classified installation
All models of the new D16 are type approved by leading classification societies. All vital components, such as electrical systems, crankshafts and fuel systems, are constructed and manufactured in accordance with the current classification regulations. The D16 complies with emission regulations for IMO NOx, EPA 2, EU IWW, River Rhine level 2 and DNV’s Clean Design.

Closed cranked Ventilation
All Volvo Penta marine genset engines can now be equipped with CCV, closed crankcase ventilation, which takes care of the crankcase gases. This will avoid expensive piping in the ship, which reduces installation costs and minimizes oil spill to the surrounding environment.

Easy service
The new D16 is compact but easily accessible for service and repairs. Daily inspections are simple and the service interval has been lengthened to 500 hours.

Volvo Penta’s 9, 12 and 16-liter engines have a great deal of technology and components in common and this means that service and maintenance is essentially performed in the same manner. In addition, more filters and spare parts are common to all three engines, which guarantee easier parts stocking.

D16 MG RC ( Marine Genset Radiator Cooled)
Configuration: In-line 6-cylinder diesel
Displacement: 16.1 l
Power output, 400 V/50 Hz: 415, 490 or 516 kVA (332, 392 or 413 kWe)
Power output, 440 V/60 Hz: 488, 560 kVA (390, 448 kWe)

Highres picture
Lowres picture

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