Emission approved Volvo Penta power for inland waterways

At the Europort trade show, Volvo Penta is presenting a 5 to 16-litre range for inland waterways duty, covering both propulsion engines and complete marine gensets.
The D9-D16 Marine Heavy Duty range
The Volvo Penta D9, D12 and D16 are all highly advanced, electronically controlled marine diesels offering exceptional efficiency and long life. They all deliver high power and torque with low fuel consumption and minimal overall emissions. The propulsion engine range already complies with EU Inland Waterway, EU IWW, emission regulations. The marine genset range complies with these regulations from mid 2008 apart from the D16MG ,which already complies with all the latest emission regulations.

The engines have a great deal of technology and components in common and this means that service and maintenance is essentially performed in the same manner. In addition, more filters and spare parts are common to all three engines, which guarantee easier parts stocking.

By using Volvo Penta original parts, the low emission levels of the compliant engines will be maintained for years to come.

The D5-D7 Marine Workhorse range
The 5 and 7-litre engines are truly dependable and reliable engines with classic, mechanically governed design. Thanks to the advanced design of the injectors and combustion chamber, both fuel consumption and emissions are truly low. The rigid cylinder block minimises vibrations and noise.

As of January 1, 2008, both the D5 and D7 will comply with EU Inland Waterway, EU IWW , requirements for propulsion engines and marine gensets.

Technical data


Propulsion power: 89-118kW,121-160 hp
Genset power:  62-93 kWe

Propulsion power: 130-195kW, 177-265hp
Genset power:  90-139 kWe

Propulsion power: 221-313 kW, 300-425 hp
Genset power:  160-250 kWe

Propulsion power: 216-499 kW, 294-550 hp
Genset power:  240-350 kWe

Propulsion power: 368-552 kW, 501-751 hp
Genset power:  332-475 kWe

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