Big interest for transport solutions in India

How can the Indian economy develop without having a negative impact on the environment and creating chaos on the roads? This was one of the questions that were discussed at the large transport seminar the Volvo Group recently helped to organise in New Delhi.
Big interest for transport solutions in India
The aim of the seminar was to bring together stakeholders from different sectors of society to exchange visions and ideas for the transport and infrastructure of the future in India. It generated tremendous interest and 300 people attended the seminar.

One of the Volvo Group representatives was Eric Leblanc, the president of Volvo India. He spoke about the potential created by using long vehicle combinations in order to reduce traffic and improve the efficiency of every transport assignment.

According to Eric Leblanc, the Volvo Group has been at the forefront when it comes to the development of transport and the infrastructure in India.

“The Indian economy is developing at lightning speed and the traffic problems in the towns and cities and on the roads are becoming worse and worse. It’s important that we involve ourselves and try to improve the situation,” he says.

Peter Danielsson from Volvo Buses also took part in the seminar. He spoke about the Volvo Buses, BRT, Bus Rapid Transport, system and experience from places like Mexico and Curitiba when it comes to creating bus corridors and stops.