Volvo Trucks first in the world with a factory-fitted alcolock

Volvo Trucks is broadening its alcolock offer for heavy trucks. The third generation of alcolocks now being presented is the only system in the world that is type-approved for transportation of dangerous goods.
Volvo Trucks is one of the participants at this year’s Tylösand Seminar on 1-3 September. The company will, among other things, be unveiling a new alcolock for commercial vehicles. Volvo was the first manufacturer of heavy trucks to offer such a system. The new alcolock that is now available in Scandinavia as of autumn 2007 has been further developed and improved in a number of ways. One important point in its favour is that calibration of the system is not needed more than once every twelve months. It is the first alcolock in the world to meet the stringent demands set for installation in trucks that carry dangerous goods, so-called ADR transport.

“Volvo supports the Swedish government’s initiative on the introduction of alcolocks as standard in vehicles throughout the EU. We are convinced this would save many lives, every single day on roads throughout Europe,” says Lennart Pilskog, Director Public Affairs at Volvo Trucks.

“In particular, alcohol-related road accidents involving dangerous goods can have devastating consequences. In many cases, these could be tankers carrying large quantities of explosive gases or corrosive liquids.”

The alcolock is simple to use and features a starter inhibitor. The system consists of a central unit and a hand-held remote unit with a disposable mouthpiece and a display screen. If the driver’s breath contains traces of alcohol, the central unit cuts the current supply to the starter motor, fuel pump or ignition system and the vehicle will not start.

September 3, 2007

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