Volvo Penta Launches Boat Engines with Catalytic Converters

The first gasoline engines, fitted with a catalytic converter for leisure boats, have arrived. Volvo Penta is launching four catalyzed sterndrive models and one catalyzed Volvo Penta IPS gasoline model.

The engines have very low emissions and satisfy California CARB 4 star requirements, the toughest gasoline emission regulation in the world.

Volvo Penta’s new gasoline engines equipped with catalytic converters, offer very low emission levels. The catalytic converter components are fully integrated into the aluminium exhaust system.

Advanced electronic control
Electronic multiport fuel injection with two oxygen sensors, one before and one after the catalytic converter, enable combustion to be controlled precisely for optimum effectiveness. The reaction inside the catalytic converter sharply reduces emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

The fuel system also includes emission monitoring and diagnostics to alert the driver if the exhaust emission control is not functioning optimally.

Temperature control
Volvo Penta utilizes double walls in the exhaust system. The cooling water flows between the walls, thus cooling the outside of the exhaust system while the catalytic converter is able to operate at the required high temperature. Sensors also measure the temperature and adjust engine cooling as needed.

Low weight and minimum risk of corrosion
Volvo Penta selected advanced materials to keep the total weight low and maximize corrosion protection. The aluminium exhaust system is coated with titanium ceramic both inside and outside.  This is a very effective corrosion protection method, which Volvo Penta is among the first to use in marine applications.

150 to 400 hp
 “Thanks to the advanced electronic control system, these engines offer excellent driveability with power from low rpm and rapid throttle response,” says Björn Säljö at Volvo Penta’s Product Planning Department.

The catalyzed sterndrive engine program consists of one 150 hp 4-cylinder engine, two small-block V8 engines developing 270 hp and 300 hp, respectively, and one 400 hp big-block V8 engine. These engines are available for all markets.

The Volvo Penta IPS 550G, a 400 hp gasoline powered version fitted with a catalytic converter is offered only in selected markets.

Technical Data

Engine                          Prop shaft output               Config.             Displacement

3.0 GXiC                        112 kW / 150 hp                   Straight 4              3.0 liter

5.0 GXiC                        201 kW / 270 hp                   V8                        5.0 liter

5.7 GiC                          224 kW / 300 hp                   V8                        5.7 liter

8.0 GiC                          298 kW / 400 hp                   V8                        8.1 liter

IPS550G                        298 kW / 400 hp                   V8                        8.1 liter

Emissions: Satisfy California CARB 4 star requirements and the European RCD requirements.

For more information, please contact: Ann-Charlotte Emegård, AB Volvo Penta,
Phone: +46 31 66 84 18, Email:

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