New D-series from Volvo Penta makes boat life cleaner

Volvo Penta is launching new versions of the D1 and D2, the smallest diesel engines in its program. The biggest news is on the environmental side. Particle emissions have been reduced by as much as 50 per cent. The engines satisfy future, very comprehensive US emission regulations.
Six models of the Volvo Penta D1 and D2, ranging from 12 hp to 75 hp, are available. These engines are used in sailboats and other displacement boats and are bestsellers for Volvo Penta. The same engine family will be installed in all the boats in the next Volvo Ocean Race where they will be exposed to the toughest imaginable conditions.

New versions of the D1 and D2 are soon available.

“In principle, everything inside the engines is new, about 150 components in each engine. The result is better control over fuel injection and combustion, which has enabled emissions to be reduced from a level that was already very low,” says Fredrik Christborn at Volvo Penta’s product planning department.

Satisfy future US requirements
The new D1 and D2 satisfy the future US emission requirements EPA stage 3, which will be introduced for this category of engines in January, 2009. These regulations are far more comprehensive than the emission requirements in the rest of the world, including the EU. Volvo Penta’s policy is to develop engines that satisfy the most comprehensive international emission requirements and then market these clean engines worldwide, even when such low emissions are not required.

Lower noise and less vibrations
The newly developed engines offer the additional bonus of lower noise and fewer vibrations.
“Here, our engines were already best in their class and the new engines are even quieter. This is something we know the customers appreciate, being able to use the engine without being discomforted by noise.

New generator combinations
The Volvo Penta D1 and D2 come with a very powerful generator – 115 A and 12 V – fitted as standard. In the case of the two largest models, the D2-55 and D2-75, which are often installed in large yachts, additional charging is needed. The engines are now available fitted with additional combinations of 12 V and 24 V generators as options. With a 24 V generator, it is easy to have both a 12 V and a 24 V system on board.

EngineProp shaft output Max. rpm. No. cyl.Cyl. vol. 
D1-13 9.0 kW / 12.2 hp2800-3200 20.51 
D1-20 14 kW / 19 hp2800-3200 30.76 
D1-30 21 kW / 28 hp2800-3200 31.13 
D2-40 29 kW / 40 hp2800-3200 41.51 
D2-55 41 kW / 55 hp2700-3000 42.2 
D2-75 55 kW / 75 hp2700-3000 42.2

Emissions: Satisfy the future US EPA stage 3 requirements, the European RCD requirements and the local requirements for Lake Constance (BSO).

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