The new Volvo Trucks range shown to the public for the first time ever at IAA

At the heart of Volvo Trucks’ stand will be the new range of Volvo trucks. For the first time ever, the general public will be able to experience these trucks inside and out. With the new range, Volvo Trucks has focused on optimising the driver environment and introducing advanced safety support systems. Visitors will also get a first-hand look at the world’s first operational heavy hybrid refuse truck, and many other groundbreaking innovations.
New 11-litre Volvo FM tractor
To meet the unique demands of weight-sensitive applications such as tanker and bulk transport, Volvo is introducing a new 11-litre engine for the Volvo FM 4x2 and 6x2 tractor. The new D11B engine, which will be on display, is about 140 kg lighter than the larger D13 engine. This gives customers high load capacity, while offering high performance and fuel efficiency. The 11-litre Volvo FM is equipped with I-Shift and features an updated driver’s environment in a unique LXL-cab.

New I-Sync for smooth gearchanges in city traffic
For city and regional transport, Volvo has introduced I-Sync, an advanced automated transmission for the Volvo FL distribution truck. By decreasing the need for manual shifting, this solution makes driving in traffic and highly congested areas much more enjoyable and comfortable. It also makes it easier for the driver to focus on the road and cope with the busy activity of the city. I-Sync will be on display at the stand.

Taking comfort to a higher level
When visitors step inside the cab of the new Volvo FH, they will experience a completely redesigned interior that offers convenience while working and almost luxurious comfort while resting. It includes innovative lighting solutions, a more spacious interior, smart storage solutions and is prepared for the latest entertainment technology.
But for the ultimate truck experience, the Volvo FH16 has no equal. Every detail stands out above the rest. And to get a taste of this truck’s exclusive design and powerful stance, visitors will be able to experience an 8x4 FH16 for heavy haulage on display.

Innovations in safety and security
Visitors to Volvo’s stand will also be able to learn more about new advanced safety support systems, such as the industry-first Driver Alert Support that detects subtle irregularities in the way the driver interacts with the steering wheel. Other safety innovations include Rain Sensor, Cornering lights and Lane Changing Support that uses a radar-like sensor to detect vehicles driving alongside the cab on the passenger side – eliminating the blind spot.

Helping to prevent skidding or turning over – that’s what another Volvo innovation, ESP, (Electronic Stability Program) is designed to do. Using sensors that monitor the truck’s behaviour, ESP automatically redistributes the braking forces to regain stability and straighten the vehicle. The ESP offer is now extended to include 6x2 trucks and trailers and multi-trailer combinations.

A cleaner future – today
In 2006, Volvo Trucks introduced its parallel hybrid technology – a revolution in quiet, clean and fuel-efficient operation. It combines a diesel engine with an electric motor and charges the batteries using the energy released during braking. This past April, Volvo introduced two hybrid refuse test vehicles that will be tested during daily operation by two refuse collection companies in Sweden. They are the world’s first operational heavy vehicle hybrid refuse trucks and one will be on display at Volvo’s stand.

In 2009, Volvo will start producing the Volvo FE hybrid for city distribution and refuse collection. It is designed to offer fuel and carbon dioxide savings of 15-20 percent and quiet operation when running on the electric motor. Using an extra battery pack for running the garbage compactor, it can reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission by up to 30 percent.

Other features displayed at the Volvo Truck stand

  • New EEV (Enhanced Environmental friendly Vehicles) engine offer. These engines will improve air quality by reducing particulates and smoke. To be launched during 2009. 
  •  New and expanded Volvo Trucks Merchandise Collection, including the bold, new designs of the FH16 Collection. 
  •  Over View Surveillance System, developed together with Toshiba Corporation, installed on Volvo’s hybrid refuse truck – gives drivers a bird’s eye view for enhanced driving assistance and safety.
  • A unique roll over cab located outside gives visitors the opportunity to experience a roll over first hand. Safety and security is also the theme at Volvo’s exhibition trailer.
  • Alcolock, a pioneering pre-ignition breathalyzer and interlock system that prevents engine start if the blood-alchohol level is above the legal limit.
  • And much more at the Volvo Trucks stand A05, hall 17.