Explore Volvo Group’s new Internet presence

A majority of the Volvo Group’s Internet sites have undergone a comprehensive makeover. At the same time, an entirely new corporate concept has been introduced.
Explore Volvo Group’s new Internet presence
The aim of updating the Group’s Internet presence was primarily to modernise and simplify the web sites by improving usability for visitors. The updates offer immediate commercial benefits since for instance customers use the Internet to gather information before making purchasing decisions. Furthermore, developments on the Internet are proceeding immensely quickly and the old layout had quite simply become very dated.

The new corporate concept that is being introduced at the same time means that all the Group’s brands can now be presented on www.volvogroup.com. At the same time, www.volvo.com has been transformed into a clear, easy to use guide for visitors to the Volvo brand, irrespective of whether they want to move on to the Group’s companies or to Volvo Cars.

“By introducing www.volvogroup.com  we can communicate the entire Volvo Group’s strength. We know that the majority of visitors to www.volvo.com are really searching for information about Volvo Cars; making their visit easier is therefore an important improvement for the Volvo brand,” says Caroline Stensjö, head of Online Communications within the Volvo Group.

“A lot of work has gone into updating hundreds of sites and more than 300 people throughout the Group were involved in this process to a greater or lesser extent over a period of one year. It is their dedication that has delivered these improvements,” says Johan Wendels of Online Communications, who served as project manager.

The improvements to the Volvo Group’s Internet presence are the result of thousands of user surveys and a number of internal workshops. See the results for yourself via www.volvogroup.com.

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