Great success at WIREC

The Volvo Group’s CO2-neutral trucks were a big hit at WIREC in the USA. One of many interested visitors was US President George Bush. “Five years ago those trucks would not have been available for people at this exhibit to look at. Today they're on the road. As a matter of fact, the United States Air Force is using these kinds of trucks,” he said when he was shown around the Volvo Group’s stand.
WIREC 2008 in Washington. President George Bush, Maud Olofsson, Minister for Enterprise and Energy, Leif Johansson, CEO, Volvo Group
WIREC is a big international renewable energy conference hosted by the US government in Washington. The purpose of the conference, which runs until 6th March, is to draw attention to the global opportunities and challenges within the area of renewable sources of energy.

The Volvo Group’s stand has been one of the most frequently visited during the conference. There has been a lot of interest shown in studying Volvo’s 7 trucks that can run on different types of renewable fuel.

Politicians from around the world, high-level public servants and representatives from the private sector and universities are also participating in the conference.

According to Volvo Group CEO Leif Johansson, good relations between the Swedish and US governments were further strengthened as a result of WIREC.

“We’ve shown the USA that the answer is yes to the question of whether it’s possible to run vehicles on different fuels. The uncertainty that existed is now gone,” he said.

US President George Bush was very interested in the Volvo Group’s efforts in reducing environmental impact. He very much wanted to visit Volvo’s stand and look at the trucks. In his speech at the conference, he also pointed out the significance of using alternative fuels.

“Amazing joint venture with Mack and Volvo on these giant trucks that are using bio diesel to power them,” he said.