Important milestone for Volvo Aero when new GEnx engine completes first critical test

The GEnx-2B engine that will power the new Boeing 747-8 aircraft has started its certification program with a successful ground testing at General Electric’s outdoor testing facility in Peebles, Ohio. During the first ground testing the GEnx-2B demonstrated 70,950 pounds of takeoff thrust. “The successful engine testing marks a highly significant milestone for the project and sets a positive tone for continued testing during 2008/2009,” comments Joakim Andersson, GEnx Project Leader at Volvo Aero.
GEnx is the largest commercial undertaking ever for Volvo Aero. The company will manufacture six different components for the engine, of which three are being developed at Volvo Aero in Trollhättan, Sweden.

The GEnx engine will be mounted on two different aircraft, the Boeing 787 (The Dreamliner) and Boeing 747-8. Despite sharing the same name, it involves two unique engine developments.

”It involves two different engines for varying applications: 1B is for the Boeing 787 and 2B for 747-8, but as the name reflects, we are trying to build the engine architecture as well as the component technology from the same base and as a result gain synergies in the design work as well as the supply chain architecture,” explains Joakim Andersson.

The week’s successful start increases optimism for the continued testing.  The FETT (First Engine To Test) stage is concurrently the official start of the test program in the development of the GEnx-2B, in which five engines will be used. Testing during 2008 will include flight tests on GE’s flying test bed.

The test program will be concluded with certification of the engine for 67,000 pounds in the first half of 2009, with entry into service in late 2009.

Commercially, GEnx is already a major success. More than 1,100 engines have been sold to date.

”It appears that the GEnx-2B is also receiving a highly positive reception on the market, since Boeing is reporting higher sales figures for its new 747-8 than it had originally expected,” says Stefan Oscarsson, Business Manager for the GE program at Volvo Aero.

More than 400 GEnx-2B engines have been sold to Boeing’s modernized 747 model, which will be used as a freighter as well as for intercontinental passenger service.

March 14, 2008

For more information, please contact Joakim Andersson, +46 70 206 85 70 or Stefan Oscarsson, +46 70 674627.


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