AB Volvo publishes Sustainability Report for 2007

AB Volvo has today published its Sustainability Report for 2007. The Report is available on Volvo Group’s website.
AB Volvo publishes Sustainability Report for 2007
Volvo Group has published environmental reports since 1990 and up until today the Sustainability Report has been a part of the Annual Report. For 2007 the sustainability performance is presented in a separate report, and the composition of the report has been inspired by GRI (Global Report Initiatives).

The report focuses around four main areas:
• Creating value
• The climate issue
• Focus on efficient products
• The most attractive partner

The Sustainability Report is available as a PDF-document for download in English and Swedish. Go to Volvo Group’s Sustainability Report 2007 at VolvoGroup.com

May, 20, 2008

For further information, please contact:
Public Affairs: Malin Ripa, + 46 31 66 11 61
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