Volvo Trucks launches diesel particulate filter remanufacturing program

Volvo Trucks North America has launched a large-scale program to remanufacture diesel particulate filters (DPF). The program will operate out of the Middletown Remanufacturing Center (MRC) in Middletown, Pa.
The program enables Volvo Trucks customers to simply exchange the used ceramic filter element from their DPF for a clean one when service is required, reducing service time and simplifying emissions control systems maintenance.  Customers are also assured of receiving a clean filter warranted by Volvo, while at the same time avoiding the need to invest in expensive filter cleaning systems.

The DPFs are remanufactured to more than 90% of original capacity.  The process begins by blowing air across the filters and removing contaminants via a powerful vacuum.  Filter elements with a high level of oil or particulate buildup are baked in state-of-the-art industrial ovens to further reduce accumulated material prior to the vacuum process.  According to Bob MacPherson, MRC’s manager of lean systems and new engine projects, a key advantage of the program is the ability to remanufacture in bulk, instead of servicing one filter at a time.

“A DPF filter element is reusable,” MacPherson said.  “When it’s no longer doing its job optimally, the component is sent to us and we return it to useful service.  It’s a great deal for customers.”

It’s also a great deal for the environment.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2007 emissions regulations required a dramatic reduction of particulate matter emissions by heavy-duty trucks.  Trucks sold in 2007 with EPA2007 engines are now approaching the mileage at which filters require routine service.  If the filters are not remanufactured, the accumulation over time of ash and other material leads to decreased engine performance.  But thanks to this new Volvo Trucks program, customers receive the triple benefit of reduced cost, maximized engine performance and service life, and the knowledge that they are improving air quality in the communities where they operate.

The highly efficient DPF cleaning process used by MRC was selected after a long search of available technologies.  Testing showed the system is capable of removing more ash in one cleaning than other methods could in several cleanings, and it can even clean and remove ash from a fully plugged DPF.  The system is able to detect cracked filter elements during the cleaning process, and the filter element is not subjected to high-pressure pulses that add additional stress, as with some other techniques.

“Environmental care is a core value for Volvo Trucks,” said Darin Redmon, Volvo Trucks engine marketing manager – parts marketing. “By making it easier for customers to change out their DPFs, we don’t just save them money.  We make them a partner in reducing emissions.”

The Middletown Remanufacturing Center has provided customers with superior remanufactured parts for more than 30 years.  With the launch of the DPF program, Volvo Trucks builds on that history of helping customers affordably maintain their vehicles with the proven reliability they expect.

“Our message to customers is that when they’re ready to change out their DPFs, we have a cost-effective solution to do that,” MacPherson said. “Our 30 years of experience in perfecting the remanufacturing process ensures customers will get the highest levels of performance and quality in their remanufactured components.”

Volvo Trucks North America’s operations and products are guided by the company’s three core values:  Safety, Quality and Environmental Care.  The Volvo VT, VN and VHD trucks are assembled in the United States at the New River Valley Plant in Dublin, Virginia, while Volvo engines for North America are assembled in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Both plants are certified to ISO14001 environmental and ISO9001 quality standards.  Volvo also sponsors America’s Road Team, a national highway safety outreach program.

Volvo Trucks North America a member of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses and construction equipment, drive systems for marine and industrial applications, aerospace components and services, and is the world’s leading producer of heavy-diesel engines (9-16 liter). The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. The Volvo Group, which employs about 100,000 people, has production facilities in 19 countries and sells its products in more than 180 markets. Annual sales of the Volvo Group amount to more than $42 billion.  The Volvo Group is a publicly-held company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo Shares are listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm and are traded OTC in the US.

November 18, 2008

Volvo diesel particulate filter elements before (left) and after (right) cleaning and remanufacturing.  A Volvo Reman DPF has more than 90% of its original capacity restored through remanufacturing and comes with a Volvo warranty.  Volvo DPFs are designed for easy servicing and exchange of filters, to save customers time and money.

For further information, please contact Jim McNamara, Volvo Trucks North America, phone 336-393-2143, email