Volvo Penta at start of Volvo Ocean Race

This year’s Volvo Ocean Race covers an entirely new course and will be the longest and toughest to date. Eight yachts will line up for the start on October 11 in Alicante, Spain. Each boat is equipped with two diesel engines from Volvo Penta.
If the boats are extreme, the engines are exactly the opposite. They are standard engines that are installed in normal sailing boats worldwide. The engines are a new model that fulfill the world’s most stringent emissions legislation.

Global service
Throughout the competition, the racing syndicates will have access to service from any of Volvo Penta’s more than 5,000 service centers worldwide. A representative of Volvo Penta will be available at each port call to assist the syndicates.

Identical engines in all boats
All boats in the Volvo Ocean Race are equipped with the same type of engines onboard. One engine produces electricity and water onboard. The other engine is used for moving safely in and out of ports or in an emergency situation.

They are selected from Volvo Penta’s standard D series range for yachts, with outputs from 12 to 75 hp. The new-generation D1 and D2 series are designed to meet the stringent US EPA Tier 3 environmental standard. Particle emissions have been halved from an already low level.

Auxiliary engine
The auxiliary engine generates electricity for the communications and navigation equipment, live broadcasting, lighting and the swing keel. The engine also provides water for the crew through powering a dewatering plant onboard.

Type of diesel engine: Volvo Penta D1-30
Configuration: Straight 3-cylinder marine diesel
Displacement: 1.1 l
Crankshaft power: 28 hp (21 kW)
Weight: 130 kg

Propulsion engine
Type of diesel engine: Volvo Penta D2-75
Configuration: Straight 4-cylinder marine diesel
Displacement: 2.2 l
Crankshaft power: 75 hp
Weight: 258 kg

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