Advanced Alcolock from Volvo Trucks will reduce alcohol-related accidents across Europe

Approximately every third of the roughly 40,000 traffic-related deaths reported in the European Union each year can be directly attributed to alcohol. To promote safer driving and help reduce traffic fatalities, Volvo Trucks is introducing Alcolock. This optional, fully integrated solution requires the driver to take a breath test before the engine can be started.

According to EU statistics, alcohol remains a major cause of traffic-related fatalities. In Europe, alcohol can be attributed to roughly one-third of road deaths. Fortunately, professional truck drivers are seldom responsible for alcohol-related accidents. Nonetheless, transport companies and drivers alike are under increasing pressure to prove that they are doing everything possible to minimise the risk factors and promote safer driving.

Volvo’s new Alcolock is the only solution of its kind that is factory-installed for quality, and represents an important step in reducing alcohol-related accidents. The 2008, third generation, Alcolock will also cost less and have longer calibration interval than its successors.

Quality and safety assurance for transport companies
A unique solution for the trucking industry, Alcolock enables transport companies and drivers to set an example and support zero tolerance when it comes to drinking and driving. By installing Volvo Alcolock in their fleets, transport companies take a big step in minimising the risk of alcohol-related accidents. This helps to save lives and secure safety. It also provides further proof that the transport company cares about safety, enhancing its image in society.

An advanced safety innovation
Alcolock takes advantages of advanced Fuel Cell technology to provide high quality and accuracy, and features a starter inhibitor and log function. To start the engine, the driver must first take a breath test by exhaling through a mouthpiece on the hand-held unit for five seconds. If he or she is within the limit, Start Motor appears in the display. If not, Lock Out is displayed and the engine cannot be started.

Safety ahead – the pan-European launch of Alcolock
Alcolock has been positively received in Sweden and France, where it has been available, factory installed or as a retro fit, for some time. To help meet the demands of increasingly stringent legislation and a growing awareness of safety issues in general, Volvo Trucks is now introducing Alcolock on most European markets.
“Alcolock is yet another example of Volvo Trucks’ ongoing effort to be an industry driver in safety innovation,” says Lars-Göran Löwenadler, Safety Director at Volvo trucks. “As we see it, safety is really all about helping to reduce the risk of accidents in the first place.”

Alcolock facts

  • Available as a factory option for Volvo FM, FH and FH16, or retro-fitted for all Volvo trucks
  • The only alcohol interlock that is adapted for ADR transports
  • Uses advanced Fuel Cell technology for high quality and accuracy
  • Consists of an integrated unit in the instrument panel and a hand-held unit in the cab
  • Activated by blowing into the hand unit for 5 seconds