Volvo Trucks looks beyond Euro V with the launch of EEV engines

Volvo Trucks will start delivering its first FH and FM trucks with EEV (Enhanced Environmental friendly vehicle) engines during 2009. The new engines will help improve air quality by reducing particulates and smoke drastically, going beyond the requirements of Euro V. The first stage of Volvo’s EEV engine offer, based on an optimized D13 engine with SCR, will cover the majority of the D13’s current sales volume.
The Volvo EEV engines are designed to help improve air quality by keeping the emission of particulates and smoke to an extreme minimum. The emissions are far better than the already tough requirements set by Euro V, which will become mandatory in October of next year.

“The new Volvo EEV engines are an important part of Volvo Trucks’ ongoing commitment to environmental care, while also offering good economy and impressive fuel efficiency,” explains Claes Nilsson, Director European Division at Volvo Trucks.

The roll out of the Volvo EEV engines will start with the powerful and fuel-efficient D13 engine, which has been further optimized to be able to reach EEV levels. The first stage is expected to meet the requirements of the majority of today’s current D13 customers. In addition to reducing particulates and smoke considerably, the new EEV engines will offer customers improved economy, while allowing them to take advantage of tax incentives available on some markets. Yet for Volvo this is just the beginning; the aim is to be able to offer a wide range of EEV engines.

On target for Euro VI
Looking ahead, Volvo Trucks is closely following the development of the Euro VI standard and is in a solid position to help lead the way. Volvo’s current engine platform is proving to be an excellent starting point. Volvo believes that a combination of SCR and EGR technologies will provide the most efficient solution. The challenge of course is to offer a high performing engine without compromising fuel efficiency and engine response. Volvo Trucks is on its way to achieving just that.