New eco tanker with Volvo Penta power

Stringent emission regulations and high demand for fuel efficiency are behind two new Dutch inland eco tankers currently under construction. The power source chosen is a diesel electric system with five Volvo Penta D16s providing power for propulsion and all power supply onboard.
The new and exciting design of the new eco tanker has been developed by the Dutch shipbuilder IHDA Shipbuilding. Interesting features include all the engines placed in the bow, giving very low noise on the bridge and 5 per cent extra load capacity.

The five Volvo Penta D16 gensets are used for all onboard power needs including two propulsion thrusters giving excellent manoeuvrability, a bow thruster and electrical power for pumps, etc.

An advanced power system means that engines can be operated individually and at peak efficiency. While sailing unloaded, or downstream, one or more engines are automatically shut down to save fuel, without reducing performance.
The first eco tanker will be delivered in the summer of 2009 and will operate as a refuelling vessel in the Port of Rotterdam.

Technical data

Length: 135 m
Width:14.15 m
Draft:6.17 m
Capacity:7.145 m3
Main engines:5 x Volvo Penta D16 MG Propulsion: 2x 850 kw pods
Pumps: 20 x 52 kw
Bow thruster: 1 x 550 kw
Classification:Lloyds register of shipping
Harbour/emergency genset: 1 x Volvo Penta D5 TA

Download high res image (search for A2007-1017.tif )