Volvo Construction Equipment Introduces a Complete Range of Excavator Demolition Solutions

Primary demolition is all about reach, power, and control. Volvo’s range of Ultra High Reach (HR) excavators delivers performance at heights up to 105 ft (32m) at the pin. All Volvo HR models feature a tilting cab, innovative modular boom and hydraulically variable undercarriage – features that enhance safety, increase production, and simplify transport and setup. Up to four boom configurations allow use of one machine for many applications. Volvo’s six Standard Reach Demolition excavators (21 – 70 tons) are purpose-built for tough primary and secondary demolition work closer to the ground

Volvo Construction Equipment is once again establishing itself as a leader in excavator engineering with the completion of its High-Reach and Standard-Reach demolition excavator range. The newest model is the EC360CHR, introduced to the market in March, 2009.

Volvo demolition excavators are holistic solutions developed from experience and years of listening to demolition customers.  They bring the proven reliability and performance of Volvo’s range of hydraulic excavators to a new level for the demanding conditions of demolition jobs.  While durability and function are increased, the fuel efficiency, ergonomics and serviceability in every Volvo are not compromised.

The Offering
Ten models are available to suit a wide range of production or reach needs.

A four-model lineup of High-Reach machines uses the HR designation:

  • EC290CHR
  • EC360CHR
  • EC460CHR
  • EC700BHR

The three largest models are in full production in 2009 with the EC290CHR entering the market in 2010.

A six-model lineup comprises the Standard-Reach range (using a CLD nomenclature):

  • EC210CLD
  • EC240CLD
  • EC290CLD
  • EC360CLD
  • EC460CLD
  • EC700CLD

These models entered full production in the second half of 2008.

What is Unique
These are comprehensive solutions using 100% Volvo technology:  special feature designs are fully integrated with the base machine.  They are tested and certified (where applicable), and produced by Volvo for consistent quality.  Since aftermarket vendors are not used, all components are in the service and spare parts manuals and systems for seamless support by Volvo and the global Volvo dealer network. 

Standard-Reach Solutions
The Standard-Reach range includes an integrated guarding package to increase reliability, safety, and uptime.  All sides of the machine benefit from additional guarding, heavier structure or heavier gauge steel, all modular and bolt-on for ease of replacement.  Automatically reversible fan(s) combine with screened air intakes to maintain performance and uptime in dusty or hot conditions.  A full complement of auxiliary hydraulic circuits, controls, and quick couplers are available to optimize the most sophisticated demolition attachments.

High-Reach Solutions
The High-Reach range benefits from the same level of guarding and controls – no corners are cut in this package.  The High-Reach range includes additional innovative Volvo technology:

  • A unique hydraulic extendable undercarriage, on all models, that operates at the flip of a switch.  This enables quicker/easier setup and transport of the machine for better utilization.  It also allows a 360degree stability envelope – working at reach is not limited to the front of the tracks only.
  • A hydraulic tilting cab to 30 degrees, functional with the flip of a switch and with built-in safety features, allowing the operator to be more effective working at altitude.
  • A unique modular joint on the boom using two full-length hydraulically retracted pins.  This enables the use of multiple front geometries for increased utilization and fewer machines on the jobsite.
  • High reach fronts that integrate with the modular boom to bring sizable tools to elevation for primary demolition.  A supplementary counterweight is added to balance performance.  Each front includes a purpose-built shipping cradle for ease of switch/storage.
  • Digging fronts that integrate with the modular boom and can index in to either a straight geometry or bent geometry.  These can handle very heavy tools for low(er) level primary demolition, secondary demolition, sorting and processing, truck loading, or under-grade work  Each front includes a purpose-built shipping cradle for ease of switch/storage.
  • The EC700BHR includes an additional feature – a modular 10’ (3m) boom extension for the high reach front.  This adds an additional geometry for greater flexibility of reach on the jobsite and higher utilization of the base machine.